I have walked a long, bumpy road to get to to this point. My passion for Nutritional Therapy stemmed from my own personal journey through sugar addiction, emotional and disordered eating, infertility, injuries brought on by over exercising and low self worth.  I was living a vicious cycle and didn’t know how to escape. One small change at a time and by the strength given to me through my relationship with Christ, I have been able to restore my mindset, balance my body, and thrive.  Am I perfect? No. I still struggle, but the struggle is different. Now I am equipped with the knowledge and tools I need to get back on tract. I have a tribe standing behind me to support me and encourage me. Most importantly, I have Christ who is my strength when I am weak.

May I encourage you today, whatever it is you are facing, don’t lose hope. Don’t give up. You are worth the fight. You matter. Your life has purpose.